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11、由于库存不足,要求报价   Owing to the shortage of stock, we will appreciate an offer for your plywood.   If you can submit us a favorable offer indicating shipment time, we are ready to make an offer.   

12、要求对方报价,并暗示将会订货   The market here is dull at the present.   However the business will recover towards October and we expect to have something marketable to offer at that time.   If your quality is satisfactory and your prices reasonable, we may take an immediate order.

13、要求类似样品的 商品的报价   We need goods of similar quality to the sample we sent by seperate mail.   If you have goods similar to our samples among the articles you handle, please make us an offer at the best prices urgently.   

14、希望继续报价   We are in the market for your goods. Please offer us your best prices on the usual trade terms.   If we find your prices are rather high, the time for us to make an offer will come according to the business situation and we shall appreciate it if you will let us have your offer from time to time.   

15、希望提供样品并报价   We are on the look-out for the following goods and if you handle them, we shall appreciate your sampling an offer and stating the trade terms.   We look forward to your early reply.   

16、通知准备变更价格   Owing to the frequent fluctuations in the market price, it is impossible for us to keep the prices open for more than two weeks.   Therefore, they are subject to change without notice and without engagement.   If you make an order for these goods, please let us have your reply immediately on receiving this fax.   

17、鼓励在报价期限内订货   Owing to a rush of orders, we cannot keep the prices effective for more than a month from the date of this letter and would like to receive your order as soon as possible.   We hope that this will meet your immediate approval.   

18、因市场活跃,提醒对方报价的期限   We request you pay special importance to the validity of this offer.   Your immediate fax reply on receipt of this letter is imperative.   The reason for this is due to the prompt marking up of the market price now and we will have a prospect of about a 50% increase in a week’s time.   

19、通知报价的期限   All our offers are to be held in force for ten days after the time of dispatch unless stated to the contrary at the time of fax.   We would remind you that we cannot accept your order once they have elapsed.   

20、因对方没有询价,通知对方报价期限   We have many inquiries for the goods of this offer and there is no knowing when they will be cleared.   Therefore we hold it open only for a week, and if you need the goods, please make your offer at once.   

21、通知对方注意报价期限   The offer remains in force until May 10. Please be sure to place your order with us by the date mentioned above.




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